Thursday, July 14, 2011

Selling the Story and Combating Apathy: TESTHEAD Branches Out!

This is exciting. Two different articles, on two different sites, within two days.  How cool is that :)?!

First, I want to give thanks to the folks over at Software Quality Connection for running my story about "Selling the Test Automation Story". This was a step out of my comfort zone, but I'm glad I wrote it. Too often, I think we get frustrated that we can't be as effective as we want to be, that we think things will just come to us and we will just naturally be effective. Automation is one of my biggest bugaboos; it doesn't come to me naturally, and it doesn't match my normal way of thinking. Still, if I only wrote about my successes, this blog would have a lot fewer entries in it... a LOT fewer entries (LOL!). The simple truth is, I learn more from my shortcomings and challenges than I ever do from my easy successes, so thank goodness for small blessings. It's not that we fail, but that we get up and try again after we fail that's important. Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you could go check out the article and then tell your friends about it :).

Second, The Testing Planet #5 is out today, and I am tickled pink to discover that my story on "Combating Tester Apathy" made the front page :). As of right now, the Testing planet is available as an actual print newspaper, and can be downloaded through Amazon, via Kindle or E-Reader format, or you can buy the first run PDF version. Later this month, the free PDF will be made available to one and all. This story owes a lot to Larry Winget, a guy I'm sure that regular readers see pop into my writing from time to time :). In fact, it was his book "That Makes Me Sick" that prompted me to apply the techniques to testing and to testers in general, starting with me. After writing the article, I realized that there was one other great danger that needs to be addressed, but wasn't included in the original article. I'm hoping to expand on it and maybe make another presentation for Issue #6 (hint; the three danger signs I originally talk about are stupidity (I rephrased it as "ignorance"), laziness and apathy. The fourth, I firmly believe, is distraction. I'll be expanding on that idea, be sure about it... as soon as I finish up everything else I need to (LOL!) ).

Again, my thanks to everyone over this past year and a half who have made TESTHEAD a regular reading stop. I was quite surprised to see how many page hits and reads there were when I was away at Scout Camp. Though not a huge number, for a niche subject matter like software testing, it was amazing to see how many people took the time to come and read my blog during the ten days I was nowhere near a computer. I really appreciate the word of mouth and people who have linked to my site, included me in their blog roll, and otherwise help me spread the word about TESTHEAD. You are the reason I'm getting the opportunity to write in other venues, and hopefully spread my message of continuous learning, overcoming obstacles, and hopefully not taking ourselves too seriously. I really am grateful!
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