Monday, December 25, 2023

Software Testing Strategies is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

 I realize that I am terrible at self-promotion at times but I have a very good reason to step up my self-promotion for a change.


OK, now that that's out of my system, Matt Heusser and I co-wrote a book. That's the much more honest answer but hey, my name is on the cover, so I'm claiming that credit ;).

Matt and I spent more than a year working on this project that has become "Software Testing Strategies" and its subtitle is "A Testing Guide for the 2020s". We have endeavored to create a book that is timely and, we hope, timeless. Additionally, we did our best to bring some topics that may not be in other testing books. Through several years of working on podcasts together, writing articles together for various online journals, presenting talks at various conferences, and developing training materials to deliver as training courses as well as online and in-person classwork, we realized we had enough experiences between us to inform and develop a full book.

From our Amazon listing:

Software Testing Strategies covers a wide range of topics in the field of software testing, providing practical insights and strategies for professionals at every level. With equal emphasis on theoretical knowledge and practical application, this book is a valuable resource for programmers, testers, and anyone involved in software development.

The first part delves into the fundamentals of software testing, teaching you about test design, tooling, and automation. The chapters help you get to grips with specialized testing areas, including security, internationalization, accessibility, and performance.

The second part focuses on the integration of testing into the broader software delivery process, exploring different delivery models and puzzle pieces contributing to effective testing. You’ll discover how to craft your own test strategies and learn about lean approaches to software testing for optimizing processes.

The final part goes beyond technicalities, addressing the broader context of testing. The chapters cover case studies, experience reports, and testing responsibilities, and discuss the philosophy and ethics of software testing.

By the end of this book, you’ll be equipped to elevate your testing game, ensure software quality, and have an indispensable guide to the ever-evolving landscape of software quality assurance.

Who this book is for

This book is for a broad spectrum of professionals engaged in software development, including programmers, testers, and DevOps specialists. Tailored to those who aspire to elevate their testing practices beyond the basics, the book caters to anyone seeking practical insights and strategies to master the nuanced interplay between human intuition and automation. Whether you are a seasoned developer, meticulous tester, or DevOps professional, this comprehensive guide offers a transformative roadmap to become an adept strategist in the dynamic realm of software quality assurance.

Table of Contents

  1. Testing and Designing Tests
  2. Fundamental Issues in Tooling and Automation
  3. Programmer-Facing Testing
  4. Customer-Facing Tests
  5. Specialized Testing
  6. Testing Related Skills
  7. Test Data Management
  8. Delivery Models and Testing
  9. The Puzzle Pieces of Good Testing
  10. Putting Your Test Strategy Together
  11. Lean Software Testing
  12. Case Studies and Experience Reports
  13. Testing Activities or a Testing Role?
  14. Philosophy and Ethics in Software Testing
  15. Words and Language About Work
  16. Testing Strategy Applied
Sound interesting? If so, please go and visit the link and buy a copy. Have questions? Want us to delve into some of the ideas in future articles here? Leave a comment and let's chat.