About Me

Who is Michael Larsen?

"The TESTHEAD", by Tomasi Akimeta.
(c) 2015 Studio TOA. Used by permission.

"One For the Road", was drawn by Aaron Scott of TwoLeafClover.net. Used by permission.

I retired from a career as a rock and roll singer to pursue software testing full time at Cisco Systems in 1992. After a decade at Cisco, I've worked for with a broad array of technologies and industries including virtual machine software, capacitance touch devices, video game development, and distributed database & web applications.

I have, for the better part of my 20+ year career, found myself in the role of being the "Army of One" or "The Lone Tester" more times than not. This unique viewpoint, along with ideas and advocacy regarding continuous education and learning/re-learning for testers, is frequently the grist for the mill that is TESTHEAD.

Some additional details for those interested:

Outside of software testing and my family, my greatest loves of life (or at least the ones that consume the majority of my time) are my involvement as a Boy Scout Leader and Snowboarding. Additionally, since October 2015, I have been the lead singer of Ensign Red, a San Francisco Bay Area hard rock/metal band.

Glad to make your acquaintance, hope you'll stick around :).


Anonymous said...

Its good to know that you all have ""How to Reduce the Costs of Software Testing" taken that initiative forward.I am looking forward to have a copy of that book.

- Kiran Badi

Michael Larsen said...

Kiran, not sure if you are aware of it, but the book is now available! Get a copy and please, leave a comment and let me know what you think of it :)