These are links to the Podcasts I have produced or presented.

The Testing Show

Matt Heusser, Justin Rohrman, Perze Ababa, Brian Van Stone and me, along with a revolving cast of guests. A little testing news, a topic du jour, and a propensity for occasional silliness. This show is sponsored by Qualitest.


This Week in Software Testing

Matt Heusser and I produced and created 131 podcasts for Software Test Professionals between June of 2010 and January of 2013. I came on board for Episode 6, and produced every show from then through our final entry, Episode #131.

Listed episodes are with Matt Heusser interviewing the guests unless otherwise noted.

SoftwareTestProfessionals requires Basic Membership to view the Podcast entries, and Pro Membership to access entries older than 30 days.






TWiST-Plus episodes are not hosted directly by SoftwareTestProfessionals, so these episodes are FREE and can be downloaded directly (no registration required).

Selenium Conference 2011

I attended Selenium Conference 2011 in San Francisco so that I could record the proceedings and interview the participants. Several of the talks, keynotes, and interviews will be referenced here. As of today, we are looking for a permanent place to house the podcasts. These links are temporary homes.


The 2011 Great AST Board of Directors Debate

This was held on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 and consists of all of the candidates who ran for the Association for Software Testing's Board of Directors. The debaters were: Matt Heusser, Cem Kaner, Michael Larsen, Catherine Powell and Peter Walen. The four podcast files listed below make up the debate from beginning to end (plus some editing for time and flow). These will be hosted by AST, but for a limited time, you can get them here :) ).


Other Podcasts

If you would be interested in having me produce a podcast for your testing initiative or event, or if you would like to be considered for interviews, please feel free to leave me a note here and let me know.

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Ron said...

Hi Michael!

I love your work - I recently listened to the episode on ‘Digital Transformation’ of The Testing Show Podcast and thought it was great.

I wanted to get in touch to find out whether you're looking for guests for your podcast? I'd love to share more about myself and some of the projects I'm currently working on.

Looking forward to speaking with you!