Friday, September 10, 2010

TWiST #11: Twist Down Under!

This week's show was actually pretty fun to put together. First, my thanks to Farid Vaswani, one of our assistant producers, for helping get this interview together and for doing the first pass audio edit and leveling. Farid is based in New Zealand.

In this edition, Matt talks with Jared Quinert from Australia and Brian Osmond.  Jared has an eclectic background ranging from business software to video games to video poker!  Brian started out with the Inland Revenue Service of New Zealand and now trains testers at Software Education.

Anyway for those who want to check it out, here is Episode #11.

The podcast is free for 30 days, but you have to be a basic member to access it. After 30 days, you have to have a Pro Membership to access it, so either head on over quickly (depending on when you see this) or consider upgrading to a Pro membership so that you can get to these whenever you want to :). Plus you can also get access to the entire archive of Software Test and Quality Assurance Magazine, and its issues under its former name, Software Test and Performance.

Yeah, I'm shilling, I know, but STP hosts the podcasts and stores the archive, I think giving a little love back is perfectly appropriate under the circumstances, don't you :)?

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