Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Exercise 36: Day 4 (Adjusted): Designing and Debugging: Learn Ruby the Hard Way: Practicum

It has been interesting and even a bit fun to play this, but I think it's time to move on.

This last step contains a couple more sections and rooms, and a choice at the end. I'm going to include those pieces here and let the game conclude now. I may well play with this some more later on and experiment with things like regex and other methods (right now, it's critical I get the exact words right. if I don't I die, but I want to move on from here as well.

I like the require statement and find it to be very helpful. It's great to be able to separate out each area and treat it as its own little module. that alone is a big plus and is easy to navigate and follow. I can imagine it must really be a plus with really big projects. You still have to know what's in the modules and what they relate to, though, otherwise it's just code.

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