Tuesday, December 11, 2012

And Now, Some Shameless Marketing :).

One of the things that we all do as new hires at Socialtext is introduce ourselves to the broader company, as well as those who work in different places other than Palo Alto, and those who work with other companies (Socialtext is now part of a family of companies). As part of that, I answered a few questions, and the last question had an interesting challenge:

Post a video telling us "what fires you up about working at Socialtext?"

The result of a few minutes of futtzing and playing around and exploring an application is below. Could I have done a better job? With enough time, I'm sure I could have done lots better. Had I had my son direct it, it would probably be a quantum leap better. For a few minutes playing around and seeing if I could figure out iMovie without ever having used it before, I like it :).

So here's my little promotional clip:

And for those who don't want to wait for the download, here's the gist of the dialog:

"I guess you could say that I am having a Sy Sperling moment here... "I'm not just an employee, I'm also a client!" 

I've been actively using and working with Socialtext for the past several years. I worked with a number of software testers to write the book "How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing".

Where did we write, edit, and review the material to be included in the book? Socialtext!

Many of my blog posts have also been crafted and reviewed by other testers before publication on my blog here in the Socialtext wiki.

I interact with a number of people who, along with me, edit audio files so that they can be mixed down and published as podcasts. Where do we communicate and manage that work? If you were to say "Socialtext" you would be right again!

In short, now, I get to work with, influence, and get deep into the guts of an app I already work with pretty extensively. Even with that, I'm still just scratching the surface of what the product can do, as has been amply demonstrated to me these past couple of weeks.

I'm fired up because I get to work on something that I use, and rely on, every day. To also see that Socialtext itself works the same way, and actually uses the product it creates, to perform and manage its work, is also awesome. It's great to work with a company that does its best to "practice what it preaches".

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Viva la Perl! Viva la Socialtext! ;)