Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Time and a Season to all Things

Today I sent the following message to the members of the Education Special Interest Group of the Association for Software Testing:

Hello everyone!

Three years ago at this time, I took on a challenge that no one else wanted to take on. I realized that there was a lot at stake if someone didn't [added: the AST BBST classes might cease], and thus a practitioner, with little academic experience, took over a role that Cem Kaner had managed for several years. I stepped into the role of being the Education SIG Chair, and through that process, I learned a lot, we as a SIG have done a lot, and some interesting projects have come our way to be part of (expansion of AST BBST classes and offerings, SummerQAmp materials, PerScholas mentoring program, etc.). It's been a pleasure to be part of these opportunities and represent the members of AST in this capacity.

However, there is a time and a season for all things, and I feel that my time as an effective Chair has reached its end. As of July 15, 2014, I have officially resigned as the Chair of the Education Special Interest Group. This does not mean that I will stop being involved, or stop teaching BBST courses, or stop working on the SummerQAmp materials. In fact, it's [my] desire to work on those things that has prompted me to take this step. Even I and my hyper-involved self has to know his limitations.

I have asked Justin Rohrman to be the new Chair of the Education Special Interest Group, and he has graciously accepted. Justin is more than capable to do the job. In many ways, I suspect he will do a better job than I have. I intend to work with him over the next few weeks to provide an orderly transition of roles and authority so that he can do what I do, and ultimately, so I can stop doing some of it :).

Justin, congratulations, and thank you. EdSIG, I believe wholeheartedly you shall be in good hands.

Michael Larsen
Outgoing EdSIG Chair

To everyone I've had the chance to work with in this capacity over the past three years, thank you. thank you for your patience as I learned how to make everything work, for some definition of "work". Thank you for helping me learn and dare to try things I wasn't aware I could even do. Most of all, thanks for teaching me more than I am sure I have ever taught any of you over these past three years.

As I said above, I am not going away. I am not going to stop teaching the BBST courses, but this will give me more of an opportunity to be able to teach them, or assist others in doing so, which is a more likely outcome, I think. It also frees me up so I can give more attention to participating in programs that matter a great deal to me, such as SummerQAmp and PerScholas. As I said above, I believe Justin will be fantastic, and I'll be just a phone call or email message away from help if he should need it ;).

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