Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Third Annual State of Testing Survey for 2016 is Now Open

I'm happy to help spread the word once again that the State of Testing survey for 2016 is up and ready for you to participate!

The survey is sponsored jointly by the QA Intelligence – Testing & QA Management blog by PractiTest and Tea-Time with Testers.

This is the third year of the survey. You can also see the results for the 2015 survey.

Why participate? You can help give some insights as to how testing exists in your corner of the world, and how it compares to other testers. What is unique to your environment, and what do you share with other organizations? What challenges do you face? Are there others with similar issues? Take the survey and find out when the results are tabulated.

If you find the survey helpful, tell your friends and coworkers about it and encourage them to take it, too. Feel free to grab this entire blog post and repost it on your blog if you would like. Regardless of how you do it, let's get the word out and encourage our fellow testers to let their voices be heard :).

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