Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Testing Show: Hiring and Getting Hired

It's been a big year for The Testing Show and this is the last episode of the year that is 2017. We were happy to have Gwen Dobson join Jessica Ingrassellino, Matt Heusser and me to talk about the changes that have taken place in the testing market over the past few years.

We riffed on a number of topics including the laws that prohibit asking about salary histories, having that discussion about money and making the best case for your worth, marketing your skill set and leveraging the variety of platforms at our disposal to help sell ourselves and our personal brands.

It's been a great deal of fun to produce and participate in this podcast and I'm looking forward to the new topics and guests we will have in 2018. I am actively working on a two-parter for January with a special guest that you are just going to have to wait and see/hear who it is, but I can say I've wanted to interview this person for a long time and I'm excited about presenting these episodes, along with some other changes for the show in 2018.

With that, please jump in and have a listen to
The Testing Show: Episode 50: Hiring and Getting Hired:

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