Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Let Codecademy Teach You How to Program!

As this blog's niche is testing education and things that can help boost that knowledge, I think it's great when new resources come online to help with that process. Have you ever wanted to learn how to program in an interactive and intuitive way? Do you like having an online coach who can help guide you instead of leaving you to your own wits? Do you like the somewhat social aspects of earning "brag points" and badges that you can display? Do these things seem like they have nothing in common?

I would have said the same thing a few days ago... and then I discovered "Codecademy".

Codecademy is a clever idea, and it's a fun way to get your hands into general programming. At the moment, there's a simple set of modules built around JavaScript, but it's really neat the way they have structured this. It feels like you are in a "programming chat" with another user, and you can actually keep tabs on your progress, earn badges you can display, share details on your Facebook profile (if you are so inclined) and see graphical representations of what you've completed. Really, it's a clever system, and it's actually fun to use. It's a bit sparse at the moment; those expecting a one stop shop of all thing programming related will have to wait awhile... or they can actually offer their own lessons if they have the knowledge and skill. This has great potential to be to the programmer what Wikipedia is to the encyclopedia. It's a community driven service, and  you can sign up to get notifications when new modules or courses are made available.

In short, if you've ever wanted to get into programming, have limited experience, or just like playing with fun tools, give Codecademy a visit. It's a lot of fun and, hey, you just might learn something :).
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