Thursday, August 4, 2011


Nope, that's not some cool new robot, or some odd new protocol, it's the designation of the first Weekend Testing event to be held as part of a testing conference (well, that I know of anyway, I could be wrong on that front :) ).

Still, Weekend Testing will be coming to the Conference for the Association for Software Testing (CAST). Actually Weekend Testing will be represented at CAST in two ways. Ajay Balamurugadas will be presenting a talk titled "Weekend Testing: Skilled Software Testing Unleashed" Monday, August 8th at 1:00 pm PDT. I will be conducting a live Weekend Testing Session from CAST on Tuesday, August 9th, starting at 10:45 am PDT and running until 12:45 pm PDT. This will be akin to being a Weeknight Testing session for those in the U.K. and Europe, and would probably be a late night for those in India or a very early morning for those in Autralia/New Zealand. It will of course be during work hours for those in the Americas, which will either be a negative or a positive for various people (those who have complained they would attend if it wasn't on a weekend, well, here your chance :) ).

So why the "3D" part? Well, because we will be in a live room for the attendees of CAST so that they can learn specifically how to facilitate Weekend Testing sessions, and see how it works behind the scenes. So for those attending CAST, whoever wanted to know the ins and outs of running Weekend Testing, here's your chance. For those of you who want an excuse to do some testing fun on a Tuesday (or Wednesday if you are in the Far East :) ), then come and join us.

How, you say? To join at CAST, come by the WIFI lounge in the Lynwood Convention Center. To join remotely, add "weekendtestersamericas" to your Skype ID list and email "" to let us know you would like to participate.

Hope to see you there :)!!!

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