Thursday, December 2, 2010 Your Personal Kanban/GTD/SCRUM/Whatever Board

Timothy Coulter has made a neat and simple little app that is effectively an access anywhere corkboard. Want to keep all of those sticky notes, but not have actual sticky note clutter? Then go to and make your own corkboard!

The first thing that happens when you go to the page is that a random ID gets generated and pasted into the URL. Bookmark that URL, and you now have your own virtual corkboard space. Click to create a note. Type to create a message. Make as many as you need, Use Zoom to pull out or zoom in, or click and drag to physically move the board around. Put in an image URL and hit enter; the image becomes a picture on the corkboard. Move items around to your hearts content.

Seriously, this is a really cool way to keep small pieces of information that heretofore would be stuck to my monitor, and be totally useless to me after I left my desk. This way, anywhere the page can be displayed, I have access to the sticky notes... and yeah, I think that pretty cool.

There does seem to be some dodginess with the system around reloading at a different location, but hey, it's been available for five whole hours, I can live it it for the time being :).

So if you want to check it out for yourself, go to and see how it works.

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