Friday, December 31, 2010

TWiST #26: New Year's Eve Episode with Henrik Emilsson and PICT

This will be the last podcast back story for 2010 :).

I'm smiling because at the end of 2009, there wasn't even a podcast back story to be told. There wasn't a podcast. Heck, there wasn't a Software Test Professionals (well, not like we know it now, at least) and for that matter, there wasn't even a TESTHEAD! 2010 has been a big year for a lot of testing initiatives, and I'm happy that I'm part of this one.

During the holidays, it's easy to get off your game and watch time just get away from you. The metric that I told you all about last week, meaning ten minutes of editing for every minute of audio, is still holding to be true. This weeks episode is 20 minutes long, and true to form, it took me about 4 hours to edit it. Some of my friends who listen to the podcasts all wonder, what in the world could take that amount of time? Cleaning out dead air, removing repetitive words, sometimes resequencing flow when it makes sense, and leveling the audio between the members of the conversation... yep, it takes that much time.

Since I picked up the new microphone, I've decided to record the intro and outro in its entirety each time, rather than just have the canned audio, which I did for each show from Episode #6 through Eposide #21. I always record the show specific audio, and then I'd work to blend the two together, and that also took time to get the leveling right, make the flow feel natural... it took me more time to blend the two pieces than it did to record a new patch each week. Of course, the funny thing is, with each recording there's a little different vibe... this week I sounded very amped (LOL!).

So this week, Matt interviews "the other Henrik from Sweden". This has been a bit of a running gag w/ us, since back in TWiST #7 when Matt interviewed Jonathan Kohl, Jonathan mentioned "Henrik from Sweden." For TWiST #9 Matt interview Henrik Andersson, a well known and respected tetster in Sweden with a strong voice in the tester community. However, this wasn't the Henrik Jon was referring to. He meant Henrik "EMILSSON", senior consultant w/ Qamcom Research and Development. Henrik Emilsson is also one of the key writers for the "Thoughts From the Test Eye" blog. Whoops (LOL!). So we fixed that this week, and now you get to hear from the "Intended Henrik from Sweden" :).

Click on the link to listen to Episode #26.

Also, during the show, Henrik mentions PICT, a free pairwise testing tool from Microsoft.

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