Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bug Advocacy Starts Sunday, Come Join Us!

As many of you know, I help teach the Association for Software Testing's Black Box Software Testing Series of classes. I enjoy doing this, and I've primarily been focused on teaching the Foundations class over the past year. This year I made a commitment to take Bug Advocacy and get involve with teaching it as well.

Starting Sunday, May 15th, 2011, another round of Bug Advocacy will begin, and there's still time to sign up if you want to participate. Prerequisite is that you have to have completed the BBST Foundations class, so if you've done that, you're eligible. Also, while Foundations is Free to all AST members, Bug Advocacy costs $200. Still, with a month of focused interaction and assistance by coaches and instructors, that's really a great deal (it's way less expensive than other trainings of its type, and I'd dare say you'll likely get lots more out of it... but hey, I'm a little biased :) ).

To borrow from the Association for Software Testing's main site:

Bug reports are not just neutral technical reports. They are persuasive documents. The key goal of the bug report author is to provide high-quality, well-written, information to help stakeholders make wise decisions about which bugs to fix when. Key aspects of the content of this course include:
  • Defining key concepts (such as software error, quality, and the bug processing workflow)
  • the scope of bug reporting (what to report as bugs, and what information to include)
  • Bug reporting as persuasive writing
  • Bug investigation to discover harsher failures and simpler replication conditions
  • Excuses and reasons for not fixing bugs
  • Making bugs reproducible
  • Lessons from the psychology of decision-making: bug-handling as a multiple-decision process dominated by heuristics and biases
  • Style and structure of well-written reports

So seriously, if you are looking for an infusion for your testing skills and approach to testing, definitely consider taking this upcoming class. I'd love to see you there :).

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