Monday, September 5, 2011

Speaking of "Labor Day"...

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First, I want to wish all of my fellow testers in the United States a Happy Labor Day. For everyone else, hey, hope your Monday is going well :).

This is a first for me, in that it's a regular partnership with some one I know. Aaron Scott is a cartoonist and creates the strip "Two Leaf Clover". We were commiserating over the fact that both of us were spending "Labor Day" actually working (him on his next cartoon, me on the next TWiST podcast). As we talked, I thought it would be fun to share his cartoons with TESTHEAD readers, because he pokes fun at tech, things often being over complex, or just plain the silliness of certain geek appropriate things. In short, I like his sense of humor, and I find that sometimes his cartoons inspire blog posts. so I've decided when he has a cartoon that I want to respond to or delve into as a blog post, I'll feature the comic, talk about it, and have a link back to the original.

As for today, it's Labor Day, does this really need any more commentary ;)?


Nate said...

Found your blog through Aaron Scott. Glad you guys are supporting each other, I'll be visiting again!

Michael Larsen said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Nate :). Hope you enjoy the site and the topics I cover.