Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Looking to Trade: Review for Review

So some of you may be thinking "Hmmm, *THE BOOK* has been released. What are the odds that Michael will be doing reviews based on that book, or a review of the book?" Well, I'd be fibbing if I said that I hadn't considered it, but I feel really weird about reviewing something that I've written myself as being self serving. You'll get two likely answers. I'll either puff up what I said and say it was great, or I'll excoriate myself and say it was terrible. It' the same with the music I wrote back in the 80s and 90s. Some of it I love. Some of it I can't stand to listen to. Funny thing is, stuff I can't stand to listen to other people thought was great. songs I personally thought were fantastic others though "Hmmm, ummm, well, it's interesting, I guess". See, I'm a lousy choice for doing personal reviews.

Still, I think *THE BOOK* really is a very important title, and I want to review it, so here's what I'd like to ask of my fellow bloggers... I want to resurrect the BOOK CLUB review, and do something similar to what I did with "How We Test Software at Microsoft". The idea is that it will be an exploration and commentary review on the ideas of each chapter, and it may take me a while to get through. I will, however, leave one chapter out, and that is "Trading Money for Time". In other words, my chapter.


Because I'd like to encourage someone out there to review that chapter themselves. I can host it on my blog here and give the reviewer guest blogger status and credit and link-backs, etc.), or you can write the review of the chapter on your own site. Either way, I want to help encourage the reviewing of this book and getting it into the psyches of testers, test managers, executives and anyone else that has an interest in or a professional stake in software quality in general, an software testing specifically (note, the two are not the same thing ;) ). If it turns out to be another contributing author to *THE BOOK*, that would also be kinda' cool :).

So, any takers? The requirement of course is that you have a copy. If you have it already, cool. If you don't, let me know an I can help set you up with a discount coupon from the publisher.

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