Thursday, March 1, 2012


I have an interesting opportunity.

Software Test and Quality Assurance (ST/QA) Magazine runs a feature called "Ask the Tester" where they pick anywhere from 10 to 15 questions and present them to the person selected. They then answer those questions and they become an article in the magazine.

For the May issue, that tester will be me :).

A number of people have asked me various questions already, but I wanted to throw this open to anyone who would be interested in participating. If you would like to ask me a question that has something to do with software testing, please include it as a comment to this message I will then submit the questions to ST/QA and they will pick the ones that they would like to use. If you would like to leave a Name and a City where you are located, I can pass that along as well as part of the question. If you don't leave a name, we'll just include "Name withheld" with the question.

So here's your chance.If you've ever had a question you have ever wanted to ask me (again that's related to software testing ;) ), now's your chance!

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Chris Kenst said...

One of the questions I've been thinking of that you are perfect for answering: What are the benefits to joining AST or any other testing association?

More specifically what do you get (in AST's case) for the fee? Free training? Access to additional resources? The ability to connect with like minded people?

Often when I look at the member benefits page it doesn't connect to me as to why these things matter. Perhaps your personal experience will be more relatable?