Monday, April 16, 2012

STAR East: Here I Come!!!

My apologies for being so quiet the past week, but since I am going to be spending the next four days either in the air or at STAR East in Orlando, Florida, I had to focus on some other things. I did get to discover something really cool. Early last week, I received a check in the mail. When I saw that it was from Software Quality Engineering, I was curious to see what it was. The note for the check said "Best Paper", which I will interpret to mean that I received an award for the talk and paper that I presented as a Best Paper. I don't know if it is a Best Paper or the Best Paper, but either way, I'm excited to be picked for such a thing; it's another first for me :).

For those who will be at STAR East this week, I will be giving my presentation about "Delivering Quality One Weekend At a Time". If this title sounds familiar, you would be right. It was the paper that I originally wrote for the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference in 2011, but had to bow out of attending because of my broken leg and inability to walk well at the time. A co-presenter at PNSQC felt bad that I couldn't present my paper, and they contacted the folks at SQE and recommended they consider my paper as a talk. From there, I got the chance to have it submitted again, accepted, and now it's been voted a Best Paper. This tells me that I really have to deliver this talk, and now we are down to just a little over 48 hours until I get to deliver it :).

I'll be posting some details from the conference but I won't be able to do the extended "live blog" format I'm used to (they are not providing WiFi for the conference, and I'm one of those cheapo's who hasn't jumped on having an iPhone or Android yet ;) ), so my status reports will likely be posted nightly. As for now, it's one more mad dash day to get as much done on the home front before I leave. Hello, I must be going (LOL!).

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