Monday, March 11, 2013

Selenium Book Giveaway RESULTS!!!

Hi all, the time has come, and in the nature of trying to be as fair as humanly possible, I chose to enter everyone in order of their submission, first entry gets a number, duplicate entries removed, and with that, a number was assigned from 1 to 21 and pumped through a random number picker. After all was said and done, here's the winning numbers:

* 4. Punkmik

* 6. Duston Diekmann

* 14. El Panaton

Congratulations, and I will now forward this to Packt Publishing so that they can honor the delivery. Note: as per the rules of engagement, those in North America and Europe will get a choice of E-Book or Paper book. those in other regions will receive the E-book only. 

Any questions, let me know now. Also, if I don't have your email address, please get that to me quickly :).  


Unknown said...

Yay! thanks so much for hosting this!!! This book will be so useful! I would love the pdf please! My email is

Power Cords said...

Awwww.. I am late otherwise I would also win this giveaway.. I believe..

Unknown said...


i'm from brazil then send to me the e-book :)

Unknown said...

I make the comment before join the account in google, BTW I'm El Panaton :)

Michael Larsen said...

thanks everyone, I have sent off the confirmation to Packt. Please let me know when you receive your books :).