Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TESTHEAD Gives Props to Tea Time

This may seem an odd title, but I assure you, it's appropriate, and well deserved.

A few weeks ago, Lalit Bhamare, the editor-in-chief of Tea Time With Testers, an online magazine that I have contributed to, asked me if I'd be willing to offer some commentary for a video clip that they wanted to produce, I said "Sure!"

Below is the result:

Bernice Niel Ruhland, Jay Philips, Keith Klain, Rajesh Mathur and I contributed audio interviews to the clip.

Bottom line, I'm happy to see this voice for the software testing world getting more press and notice, and I am happy to lend my voice to their efforts. Here's wishing Tea Time With Testers many more years of success and much greater market and mind-share penetration.

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