Friday, May 12, 2017

Accessibility WTAmericas #WTBlitz Session: 30 Days of Accessibility Testing

This is not on the checklist, and in fact, this will be an additional part of the 30 days challenge. As I was working through the checklist, I realized that this would make for a great potential chat session for #WTBlitz, so that's what we will be doing for May.


On Wednesday, May 17, 207 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific (4:00 p.m. Eastern), we will hold a  one-hour #WTBlitz chat session on Twitter. We have asked Alicia Jarvis to join us as a special guest, and I have also asked additional Accessibility advocates if they would be willing to participate. To be part of it, just use the hashtag #WTBlitz and reply to the Questions posed directly to the threads.

Example, if I were to post:

Q1. Why is Accessibility important, and why should we test for it? #WTBlitz

we would like you to respond directly to the question thread with something like:

A1. [text of answer] #WTBlitz

This will allow us to keep the threads together and gather them for our experience reports and future referencing of answers.

These details will be duplicated on the Weekend Testing website, but I want to use here to get the ball rolling.


Because I want to see if we can get to what you all out there would find important, pertinent and interesting. To that end, I am going to start compiling a list of questions, and you can ask them/add them here. Likewise, I will encourage anyone who wants to tweet to me questions they would like to ask, and I will update and add the questions to the master list.

To get the ball rolling, here's a starting list of questions:

1. Why is Accessibility important, and why should we test for it?
2. Do you need to specialize in Accessibility to be effective?
3. Is WCAG the best standard to follow?
4. What tools are available to test for Accessibility?
5. If you had to recommend one tool to test Accessibility, what would it be?
6. Can you recommend good tutorial/reference material for Accessibility testing?
7. What is the difference between Accessibility and Inclusive Design?
8. How can I as a tester better advocate for Accessibility/Inclusive Design?

This is a list off the top of my head. They would seem to be natural questions to have a chat about to me, but again, I'm much more interested in what would be interesting to you. If this list is a good enough representation, then great, we'll go with it. If, however, you have better questions or ideas, then please, reply and leave them in the comments section. If the questions you ask are better than the ones listed here, I have no problem bumping these for better questions :).

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