Monday, October 8, 2018

Efffective CI - a #pnsqc live blog

Hi everyone! Miss me ;)?

My talk is finished and on the whole, I think it went well.

As a paper reviewer, I get the change each year to help proofread and make suggestions for papers so that they can be published in the proceedings. This talk was one of the ones I reviewed, so I definitely had to see the presentation.

Ruchir Garg is with Red Hat and his talk was focused on methods to maximize the chance of success for incoming merge requests. His focus is on creating automated tests that can help ensure prior to CI that the code meets the guidelines decided by the team (if there are enough tests, references the feature it adds or what specifically it fixes, maintains compatibility, etc.). If the criteria are passed, then the tool allows the job to progress.  If it doesn't, it stops it before the Merge Request takes place.

In reality, this isn't test automation. It is more accurately described as process automation. It helps to enforce the company's criteria for what needs to be in place. If it doesn't pass, it never gets sent on to CI. I have to admit, it's an interesting idea :).

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