Monday, October 12, 2020

PNSQC 2020 Live Blog: Human Centric User Acceptance Testing with Rebecca Long @Amaya30

The next couple of talk are set as quick briefs, so there are two speakers in  an hour-long block Rebecca Long is the first speaker and focusing on  User Acceptance Testing (UAT). What is the primary focus of UAT and more to the point, what does Human-Centric UAT look like? 

For starters, there are ways to be inclusive in the way that we look at our users. Our users are all individuals that have specific needs and ways to be addressed and validated. In addition to focusing on the product being a tool for users to access and interact with, we need to consider what ways we might be inadvertently making those users uncomfortable or put off. In today's world of immediate downloads and use, if we alienate our customers, unless they are locked into/forced to use an application, they will just as likely remove it and never let you know why.

As I tend to focus on Accessibility issues, this is certainly an area where we want to consider this level of focus in our UAT efforts. Above and beyond this are also ways that people wish to refer to themselves and identify. Being inclusive allows for a minimum of friction or complete lack of friction if possible. By taking the time to look at these areas we will help to encourage as many people as possible to use our products and actively engage with us.

Additionally, it's important to realize that these efforts are not one size fits all nor are they one and done efforts. People are complicated and they can be difficult to manage and interact with. Making the effort to include as many people as possible will help make a baseline that includes as many as possible and thus will be usable by as many as possible

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