Friday, October 15, 2021

Listen to the QA Summit 2021 After Party (The Testing Show, Episode 106)

 The latest episode of The Testing Show dropped early this morning. 

The Testing Show Episode 106 Graphic: People at a Conference

I realized today that I hadn't shared some interesting news about the distribution of the podcast lately. We've expanded our reach

In addition to having the show on Apple Podcasts, you can now listen on Google Podcasts and on Spotify.

The Testing Show on Apple Podcasts

The Testing Show on Google Podcasts 

The Testing Show on Spotify

This show was recorded at the XPansion QASummit, an event I was added to late in the process as a speaker. As I was speaking and saw there were a number of additional participants I knew and worked with on the Podcast, I decided to pack my microphone along and record two episodes of the podcast live at the event. 

Our previous episode, with was billed as the "Pre Game show", featured myself and Matt Heusser interviewing our friends Gwen Iarussi and Rachel Kibler about talk, expectations, and areas of interest.

This latest episode is about our experiences just after the conference ended. Since this was recorded live, there is a fair amount of background noise but that gives you a bit of a feel of the event itself. 

Both Gwen and Rachel joined us for the after-party episode and we had the pleasure of meeting Pax Noyes, who joined us to talk about the conference and initiatives she is active with, notably "QA at the Point".

Please go have a listen and let us know what you think. Drop a comment and let us know what you'd like to hear us talk about next.

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