Friday, November 12, 2010

TWIST # 20 with Brett Schuchert and TWiST-Plus with Jonathan Bach

Yeah! My first “interview piece” has been posted as a TWiST-Plus.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we have been building up content that we want to share, but we are trying to limit the TWiST podcasts to a particular time limit and just once a week. The cool thing is that we have started producing extra audio features that we are referring to as “TWiST-Plus”, and these can be about any number of things, often related to testing, but they might run far afield or cover totally different things. Also, we are not limited to a specific time limit (they could be short sound bites or potentially full talks). Look for more of these in the coming weeks.

For today’s main TWiST episode, Matt talks with Brett Schuchert of ObjectMentor. Brett is a developer and consultant, and he shares some great comments about organizations becoming “test infected” and talks about how testers and developers can collaborate better and improve both disciplines. For those who want to check it out, here is Episode #20.

For this week’s TWiST-Plus, I’ve started to post the audio from the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference. My first post (and solo interview) is with Jonathan Bach, where we discuss taking a complex idea and bringing it down to simpler terms. So for those interested, here’s the audio for "Twist-Plus with Jonathan Bach".

Standard disclaimer:

Each TWiST podcast is free for 30 days, but you have to be a basic member to access it. After 30 days, you have to have a Pro Membership to access it, so either head on over quickly (depending on when you see this) or consider upgrading to a Pro membership so that you can get to the podcasts and the entire library whenever you want to :). In addition, Pro membership allows you to access and download to the entire archive of Software Test and Quality Assurance Magazine, and its issues under its former name, Software Test and Performance.

TWiST-Plus is all extra material, and as such is not hosted behind STP’s site model. There is no limitation to accessing TWiST-Plus material, just click the link to download and listen.

Again, my thanks to STP for hosting the podcasts and storing the archive. We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoy making them :).

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