Friday, November 19, 2010

TWIST # 21 with Selena Delesie And Lynn McKee and TWiST-Plus with Alan Page

So what happens when two friends from AST and Twitter announce they are coming in from Arizona to be in San Francisco for two days due to the AST board meeting being held, after having both flown in from the AYE conference in Phoenix, and would like to get together with some friends in the area for dinner? If you’re normal, you recommend a restaurant, go have some food, talk, laugh and call it a night. Me? I’m not normal, so of course I asked if I could bring my DAT deck and a microphone and record an interview with them. The result is this week’s TWiST episode.

For today’s main TWiST, I get the chance to be in the driver’s seat as I interview two friends from the Great White North; Lynn McKee from Calgary and Selena Delesie from Waterloo. Selena has been on the show before, but this is Lynn’s first time being interviewed, so we had some fun with it. The restaurant we were in was a bit too loud and chaotic, so we found a spot in Embercadero Center that had tables on a walkway overpass up above Sacramento and Battery Streets. From there, the sounds of San Francisco at night made the backdrop of our interview (and occasionally interrupted it outright :) ). Anyway, click the following link to listen to Episode #20.

For this week’s TWiST-Plus, I’ve continued with audio from the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference. This week’s post is a quick interview I did with Alan Page, where we discuss performing code reviews from the perspective of a tester. It’s just a couple of minutes, but there’s some great insights in Alan’s answers. So for those interested, here’s the audio for “TWiST-Plus with Alan Page”.

Standard disclaimer:

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