Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday TESTHEAD

On March 10th, 2010, I decided to go forward with a little project to get myself out of a malaise and give myself a reason to push forward and learn about software testing again. I thought it would give me a way to think about some stuff and maybe have a few people here and there see it.

Instead, TESTHEAD became a catalyst for doing so much more than I ever imagined I would (or could), has been a way to meet a tremendous group of peers and friends, and literally help me reinvent my game as a tester.

Some TESTHEAD milestones:

* 20,000 + direct visits to the site (or at least since Stats became available at Blogger in June of 2010)– wow!!!

* Comments and encouragement from many individuals I admire and respect, thanks for helping me fuel this site.

* A place in the top 40 of Testing blogs :)

* Involvement with Miagi-Do and the Association for Software Testing

* Producing the podcast "This Week in Software Testing"

* Contributing a chapter to a book on "How to Reduce the Cost of Software Testing"

* Attending my first Software Testing conference (Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference 2010)

* Helping to found and facilitate the Americas chapter of Weekend Testing

* Publishing numerous book reviews and creating "the Most Complete Book Review of All Time", according to Alan Page (LOL!).

* Writing my first article for Sticky Minds

More to the point, TESTHEAD has given me a chance to ponder a number of ideas that I always wanted to think about and practice. It's helped me see things that I do well, and shine a light on areas I can work on and do better.

So here's a huge thanks to everyone who has helped me in this past year and helped make TESTHEAD into a destination people want to go to and has encouraged me to keep writing. Here's looking forward to another great year :)!!!


Pete Walen said...

Congrats! And Happy Birthday!

Phil said...

Happy Birthday, TESTHEAD !! It's been a year of great reading, hope there's lots more to come

Andy Glover said...

Happy Birthday! I've enjoyed following and reading your blog :)

Darren McMillan said...

Congrats, it's good to see you're still going strong!