Monday, March 21, 2011

TWiST #37 - with Lanette Creamer

Back when this podcast first started, Lanette Creamer was Guest #1. I don't know if I was the first listener to this podcast, but I'm happy to say I've been a follower of it since the first episode, and I'd actually wanted to go back and re-edit the old shows to be in a similar format to the later produced versions (I started producing the show with Episode #6). Matt said that he felt it was more appropriate to leave the first five shows as they were, because that was the nature of what they wereand how they were produced. He wanted to show where we came from, even if there were warts or mis-steps, or less than perfect moments, because it would show where and if we actually improved along the way.

Another reason was that, in a small way, I get a chance to really dissect the words, consider them, and ponder them when I'm the one editing the show. In sopme ways, the editing process is a super deep dive into the concepts and ideas of my fellow testers, and in a way, I wanted a chance to have that "deep dive" with Lanette, James Bach, Jerry Weinberg and Doug Hoffman. What's cool about this week's show is that, with Lanette becoming a "repeat offender", I had that chance again.

So anyway, this weeks TWiST was with lanette Creamer, as I stated. One of the great aspects of this week's show has been the chance to consider the changes the last year has had for Software Testing in general. Maybe it's my own awareness because of participating in the broader testing community, but I have seen a lot of what Matt and lanette have seen, a greater appreciation of software testing in general, and an understanding that automation may help some things, but isn't the be all and end all, and an alert sapient tester is one of the most formidable tools a compan ycan have (and if they have more than one, all the better). Also, as a budding hopeful when it comes to speaking about testing, I found Lanette's comments about encouraging and mentoring other testers to step up and become speakers to be very encouraging. Anyway, if you wna to hear the interview, go an listen to  Episode #37 for yourself :).

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