Friday, March 4, 2011

TWiST #35 - with Richard Sheridan

So this was a pretty cool interview and a lot of great information this time around. The interview itself sounds more like a call-in show, in the sense that the connection with our guest sounds like a typical phone line by comparison to some of the other interviews.

Volume leveling was interesting this time around in that the call was rely hot on the interviewee side, but I've gotten to the point that the leveling is becoming more natural (doing too hard a leveling causes both voices to sound distorted, so I've abandoned that technique). The down side is that there are some slightly jumpy dynamics, but I think we're getting it to a more natural level each week (hoping I'll be able to cobble up a NyQuist command that will allow me to do a clean leveling without introducing distortion, but so far, I haven't figured out the magic formula for that yet.

This week we talk with Richard Sheridan. Richard is the CEO of Menlo Innovations, a company dedicated to putting Extreme Programming and Agile practices into, well practice. His take on developing joy in the work, making for a sustainable work pace, and developing what he terms as "Quality Advocates". In any event, to listen to Episode #35, go here :).

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