Friday, April 29, 2011

TWiST #43 - Heather and Andy Tinkham, Part II

So here's our follow-up to last week's interview with Heather and Andy Tinkham. While Heather was the focus for much of the interview last week, Andy gets his say this time :).

It was col to hear a lot of Andy's comments because it put his talk at Selenium Conference in better context. additionally, it was a lot of fun getting to listen to this interview again and compare it to Andy, Marlena, Dawn and I walking around San Francisco and taking in dinner at The Stinking Rose (*the* destination if you are a fan of garlic and happen to be inSan Francisco :) ). 

Much of Part 2 deals with the ideas of test automation and the manual approach and how essential both are, and that trying to automate everything is a mistake, as much of the work required for good testing cannot be handed over to a computer. But enough of me prattling on about it, please, check out Episode 43 for yourself.

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Andy Tinkham said...

Thanks, Michael! I really appreciate the editing work you did on this - it sounds great. I really enjoyed getting to know you in San Francisco :) (I still need to make some of that garlic pesto that was in the jar on the table. :) )