Thursday, May 5, 2022

Agile Coaches Can Wear Many Hats: an #InflectraCON Live Blog

As I read the description of this talk, I decided I needed to see what this was about. As someone who has been involved in a lot of peripheral roles along with being a tester, I know how it feels to slide into the role of "coach" for a variety of things. Thus I was intrigued with what Steve Moubray would be talking about here.  

While I wouldn't call myself a proper "Agile Coach" I do get the ideas behind coaching and how we can do what is needed in a number of situations. I've been a Scoutmaster, a Ren Faire Performer, a founder of a competitive snowboard team, and a number of other things as well. As such, the discipline of coaching is something I'm intimately familiar with.

There are a variety of situations where we might need to get involved and apply different skills as they are required. We may not be able to cover everything all the time but we may well be actively called upon to wear any number of hats (and by the way, Steve is actually wearing each of these hats as he goes ;) ).

An experienced Agile Coach will put on 12 different hats.

1.       Teacher (Graduation Cap) 

2.       Mentor (Hogwarts Wizard’s Hat)

3.       Facilitator (Party Hat)

4.       Coach (Ted Lasso’s Hat)

5.       Consultant (Surgery Scrub Cap or my Judge’s Wig)

6.       Dojo Coach (Karate Kid Headband)

7.       Project Manager (Hard Hat with Head Lamp)

8.       Auditor (Green Accountant Hat)

9.       Agile Police (NY PD Hat)

10.   Spy (Sherlock Holmes Hat)

11.   Deliver This Product! (Crash Helmet)

12.   Yes Person (Propeller Beany)

This is a great and fun way to bring this point home and props for what I think will be the most creative talk of this session.

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