Monday, October 9, 2023

Amping It Up!: Back at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference


It's that time of year once again. I'm excited to be at PNSQC and in a new location. We are at the University Place Hotel and Conference Center, which is part of Portland State University. This is the first time PNSQC has been here but not the first time I've been here. A few years back, in 2018, they had run out of rooms at the primary hotel, so I had to find someplace else to stay. 

I happened upon University Place, and while it was a walk from the previous venue at the Portland World Trade Center, it was a comfortable hotel, and I liked my stay. As we were looking for different places to hold the conference this year I mentioned my experience and thought it would make for an excellent possible venue. And thus, here we are. It wasn't solely up to me but I definitely put in a good word ;).

This year's conference is a strange feeling for me, as it is one in which I am feeling unsure and unsteady after many years. I am at the tail end of a contract I've been working for several months. In a few weeks, barring any changes or new contracts, I will be out of work again. Thus I am attending this conference from a different headspace than usual. Previously, I was looking for small tips I could bring back to do my current job. This year, part of me feels the need for a literal reinvention. I'm having that uneasy feeling that I have too many potential options and not enough time to consider them all, so this year's talks are probably going to be focused on my current mental state. If you see me attending talks that may seem different or out of character, that's why.

Additionally, this year had an additional challenge and excitement in that I was the Marketing Chair for PNSQC this year. If you felt that there was either too much or not enough of a marketing presence for the conference, I get both the praise and/or the blame. Either way, for those who are here and for those following along, I'm happy you are here.


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