Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gonna See my Smiling Face on the Cover of ST&QA

Well, OK, not really, but it is a really cool picture of the globe done in silicon trace imagery :). I do, however, get to say that I have a cover story in the May/June 2011 issue of ST&QA magazine, and for that, I'm rather excited. The PDF version of the magazine can be viewed here, and the individual articles have been posted on the Software Test Professionals site.

As I stated in this blog a while back, I've been hoping to branch out and write in more places. I like this blog and I enjoy the freedom it gives me to do and write whatever i want to (and whenever I want to) and the freedom to experiment with ideas  that may not work anyplace else... and let face it, a lot of the time they don't work here, either (LOL!). Still, the best way to grow is to take on different and unusual challenges, especially those that do not always fit with our exact comfort level.

This article covers a lot of the things that readers of this blog have come to expect from me, and in a way helped to solidify my philosophy into a few pages. That's the beauty of having a time bound and edited volume... you have to make your point and make it pretty quickly! I also didn't want to completely rehash a bunch of past blog posts, but in this case, well, it's inevitable; I talk about my own experiences, and this articles is, again, my own experiences, but hopefully in a way that you will enjoy reading.

So with that, I would like to encourage you to go and check out my article at Software Test Professional titled "The Challenges of the Lone Tester: Learn to Thrive". If you like it, leave some comments and rate it up on the site. If you don't, well, leave some comments, too :).

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