Sunday, June 12, 2011

TestCast: A Fresh & Funky New Podcast!

Nope, this one's not mine, but I really appreciate it when someone makes a move into the podcasting world, especially when it has to do with software testing. With that, I'd like to recommend a new destination for you to put into your Podcast Tracker (or however you get to podcasting content).

TestCast is a newcomer to the testing podcast scene, and features Bruce McLeod (@teknologika) and Trish Khoo (@hogfish), both of whom are veterans of the Australian test scene and beyond. Oh, did I mention that this is an Australian duo? Well, I just did, so there :).

As of this writing, they have two shows under their belt, and expect more to come. Their podcast is reminiscent of the banter often heard on shows like Dan Benjamin's 5by5 network, so I already like the format right there. They are "off the cuff" a lot of the time, and engage in both serious and silly banter which, again, makes for a really fun experience with what can oftentimes be a rather wonky topic.

Going forward, I'm planning to do recaps of weekly podcasts that I find appealing, interesting and relevant to testers. I'll probably include these with my PODCAST FRIDAY posts when I post up pointers to the new TWiST episodes, etc., so look for some more podcasting posts at a TESTHEAD near you :).

In the mean time, for those looking to get a taste go to TestCast and have a listen to their first two offerings. The first episode is centered around Community (and other varied  topics) and the second is focused on developments in the automation sphere. If you, like me, enjoy getting your nerd on, this is a fun listen. Even if you are not specifically nerdy, there's still a lot to like in the duo of Bruce and Trish.

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