Friday, June 10, 2011

PODCAST FRIDAY: TWiST #49 w/ Adam Yuret (Part 1)

One of the fun things about getting more involved in the testing community is that you get to know those people making a point of being players in the game. It's much like any scene, really. At first you are the neophyte looking to others as your inspiration and sources of information, but you don't have any direct connection to them. Over time, those names may become people you correspond with or otherwise interact with. As time progresses and you get involved, you work more collegially, and a relationship develops that's more one-to-one, and at some point, you then become one of those players yourself that others look to for inspiration. It's a neat feeling.

Why do I bring this up? Mainly because that's been the way that this podcast has gone for me. Most of the people interviewed at first were people I had no knowledge of other than their names. Later, there were a few people that I'd interacted with briefly and had a chance to do some testing related correspondence with. Through Weekend Testing, I've had the opportunity to learn more about and work directly with a lot of the testers that I've come in contact with, and now we are featuring an interview with someone I've met, come to know and collaborate with directly, and yeah, that's a really cool thing to experience.

So this week Matt sat down with Adam Yuret from Adam's another of the "life experiences" school of testers, and he's also another tester who's spent a fair amount of his career in the lone tester camp. He also adds to that in the fact that he's a remote tester working with a team 1,000 miles away. Oh, and he took a three year sabbatical to sail the Sea of Cortez with his wife. Adam was one of the participants in the eBay mini-conf I wrote about a few weeks ago, and he's genuinely a great guy, but seriously enough from me, why note go to the site and listen to and listen to Episode #49 and Adam for yourself :).

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