Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Quality History

It's been awhile since I've mentioned anything about the podcast, so I' going to remedy that right now.

For the next few weeks, we are going to be covering the keynote address that Matt gave at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC). PNSQC was held in October of 2012, and in this keynote, Matt covered the history of the quality movement, and the steps that led us to where we are today. I gave a somewhat active run down of this talk in my live blog coverage of PNSQC in October, so please feel free to go there to see that if you would like.

Of course, if you would like to hear it in real time, all you have to do is go to, click on Resources: Podcasts, and select Episode #129 for the first part of the talk. Episode #130 went up today, and the conclusion of the talk (Episode #131) will be posted next week.

Matt and I did some quick calculations, and next wek's episode will be the 125th show I've produced. What an interesting road it's been :).

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Andy said...

Hey, just wanted to give you a shout out. Listened to the pod cast for the first time (thanks to this post!) and really enjoyed it. Great job. Keep it up.