Thursday, March 28, 2019

Inclusive Meta Paradox Frameworks: A Little Shameless Self Promotion

I realize I'm terrible at promoting myself and the things that I'm doing. Having said that, I do want to encourage everyone to see what I'm up to and with that, I'm sharing a podcast I recorded with Mark Tomlinson for STPRadio.

Listen to "STPCON Spring 2019 Michael Larsen on Inclusive Meta Paradox Frameworks" on Spreaker.

You know the old saying "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro?" Well, if you don't you do now :). Seriously, I love this title. Thank you, Mark, this is great.

Also, for those of you who are intimately familiar with my editing style on "The Testing Show", you may think that I am always smooth and flawless in my delivery, without any wasted breaths. Yep, it's true, no one on The Testing Show breathes... kidding, but now that I've planted that little seed in your head, I'll be the next time you listen to an episode you'll be subconsciously dwelling on that ;). My point is, Mark keeps it real and whatever was said as it was said is there in real time, so if you are curious as to how I really sound when I'm interviewed, here's your chance.

In this podcast, I talk about my workshop around "building a framework from scratch" (and yes after I finish this presentation I am going to start unpacking it and posting it here) as well as my talk on Accessibility and Inclusive Design and how they can be used to help Future Proof software.

If you will be at STPCon and you will be in my presentations, here's a taste of what to expect. If not, well, you get that anyway just by listening. Have fun and if you like the podcast, tell a friend about it, please.

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