Friday, March 29, 2019

When You Don't See Me: a #30DaysOfTesting Testability #T9y Entry

All right, almost to the 2/3rd's mark. 11 more entries to go. To play along at home, feel free to follow along with the "30 DaysOf Testability" Challenge.

Your dependencies can constrain your testability. Head over to The Club to visualize your applications boundaries.

Again, there's a limit to what I can share in a public blog, but this was indeed useful to see what aspects could be limiting, especially since the application itself isn't a monolith but ties into several other libraries, secondary tools, web servers, search technologies, Javascript libraries (yep, we have a few) and interaction with other tools and apps that our broader company offers and how we communicate with those apps. Long story short it's not trivial.

The microservices architecture that we have is really interesting and occasionally infuriating. It adds to the complexity of testing when there are external groups that control what is being displayed and how it looks or if it's even available. Thus we don't have a comprehensive test infrastructure in place to deal with it all yet. I feel confident we will get there at some point, but again, it's not a trivial challenge in the slightest.

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