Friday, March 29, 2019

Let's Get #t9y: A #30DaysOfTesting Testability Entry

OK, I'm a dork. Don't know why I didn't think of this until now, but here's a cute way to look at testability. Leaning on the decomposing post of earlier:

"Want to think about "Testability"? Make it "T9Y" (tiny)!"

Yes, I realize that #t9y is already associated with "Terminology" but I'm still going to suggest we testers make this a thing ;). All right with that little piece of silliness out of the way, let's see what "30 Days of Testability" goodness we have on tap this go around.

Watch the Testability Ask Me Anything on the Dojo. Post any additional questions on The Club.

First of all, props to Ash Winter for being available to ask questions and thanks to Vernon Richards for hosting the event. A lot of ground covered and impossible to give just a basic rundown here (seriously, go listen).

There are a fair amount of areas that are worthwhile to look at when considering testability. Risk assessment, the "hookiness" of an application, the variety of ways to access information, the usability of an application and ways to recognize the "smells" associated with each of those areas were all covered in detail and enjoyably so.

There were also a list of about two dozen questions that didn't get answered and from that list, truth be told, I'm hard-pressed to add any additional ones. If I had to pick from the list as to questions I'd personally like to have answered or consider in greater detail they would be:

  • How would you approach the business to convince them they need to focus on testability from the start of a project?
  • In a high functioning development team automated testing is often viewed as not required or “secondary”, how do you overcome this bias?
  • What "ensures" testability?
  • How do you respond to “testability is the tester’s problem”? Especially combined with a reluctance to insert test-hooks to a product because “It’s not the product, and we don’t want to have test-only features that will increase our overhead”.
  • What steps do you take to align expectations on what all the “-ilities” you’re talking about, are?
  • How would you prioritize Testability?
I think I will come back and look at these at the end of this 30 Days challenge and see if I have developed answers for them :).

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