Friday, March 29, 2019

Welcome to the House of Fun: a #30DaysOfTesting Testability #T9y Entry

I've been listening to Madness the last few days as they were a beloved band to me when I was a teenager. For those curious as to why I've been on an 80s ska/new wave reminiscence as of late, it's because I've been reminded yet again that another of my teenage heroes has left us. Roger Charlery aka "Ranking Roger" of The (English) Beat and General Public, passed away March 26, 2019.

Anyway, I like the cheeky title as it's a phrase I often use when I give demos, though the topic of the song is decidedly different (I'll leave it to curious readers to figure that one out ;) ).

Alright, more "30 Days of Testability" cheekiness below.

Conduct a show and tell of the latest features in your application for staff outside your immediate team. Capture their feedback and share with your team.

I do this every release. It's one of my jobs as the release manager. Every release we have historically gathered together a cross-section of the broader engineering, sales, and support teams so that we can show them the new stuff going out with our next release.

Additionally, we have as part of our "definition of done" to demo any feature we are working on to our product owner and/or our chief sales engineer. This is a great time to walk through the feature, show as many parameters as we can and to listen to their questions. Much of the time it's a fairly straightforward "show and tell" but every once in a while we have some deeper discussions. These longer conversations often serve to point out that the new feature we are demonstrating may have some follow-on stories to consider. Often, it's a chance to see and determine how well we have answered the product owners/representatives expectations so that we can adjust accordingly in the future. Needless to say, I'm a fan of this approach and strongly encourage it :).

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