Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Two Down, Eight More to Go - Tackling More "30 Days of Testing" Challenges

As a re-enactor, a performer, and a musician, I appreciate the fact that there is a need for regular practice in any endeavor.

- While I dress up like a pirate and participate in occasional stage shows, I need to actually practice swordwork so that I can be prepared and ready, as well as SAFE, during stage performances. In short, I need to keep my body in practice with rudiments and fencing drills.

- As a musician, I can't just show up and improvise (well, I can and I have and the results have been predictably embarrassing). To be able to play at any decent proficiency and dexterity, I must practice, even if the practice I do is to play things by ear so that I can do better live improvisation. The same goes for writing songs. If I want to write better songs, I have to (gasp!) write songs in the first place. It's a little silly to think I'm going to get inspiration and write the perfect thing every time. Likewise, if I use the music theory I do know and write songs with it, I may not make something brilliant every time but my odds of writing something good go way up. Much better than if I just wait for inspiration to strike.

- When I make clothes for historical garb or cosplay, I can't just expect to come in and knock everything out the first time in perfect order. I'm just not that skilled a tailor. I can, however, make mocks and practice and try out the ideas so I can get it solid enough to make the items well.

Why should I think that as a blogger and as a tester I am just going to have intelligent things fall into my lap? The answer is "things probably won't but they definitely won't if I don't practice or prepare for them.

This brings me back to the "30 Days" Challenges. For various reasons I looked at a number of them and said "oh, that would be cool, I will check that out later" or "hmmm, not quite in my wheelhouse, I may check that out further down the road." Any guesses how many of them I've come back to? Yep, I've not come back to any of them except for the two that I chose to hit immediately. Notice that those both completed and I learned a lot from both of them. Let's have a look at a little graphic:

There are ten challenges there. Two are done, eight I've never started. Well, that's going to change. Next up is "30 Days of Automation in Testing". Why? I'm in the middle of learning how to set up C# and .NET Core for automation needs.

The problem is, we're already up to the 16th of October. Not a really convenient start time, right? Old me would say "OK, I'll start this beginning of November" and then I'd forget about doing it. I'd still feel good because I told the world I'd do it. I mean, who is going to check up on me, right? Well, that's a lame attitude and the answer is I'M GOING TO CHECK UP ON ME!!! 

By the way, expect me to talk about "Writing While ADHD" but I'm not going to promise a timeline for it just yet ;).

So what's my plan for the "30 Days of Automation in Testing"? Simple, I'm starting it today. Seems two posts a day should be enough to get me back on track and cover 30 days (that may be aggressive and ambitious but hey, fools rush in where consultants fear to tread ;) ).

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