Monday, October 14, 2019

The Release Day Crime Scene - a #PNSQC2019 Live Blog

Bill Opsal and I have been in talks over the past year or so about putting together a simulation game that we jokingly called "CSI: Release Day". Think Clue but for software teams.

The premise is as follows.

There are six roles: Release Manager, Dev Lead, QA Manager, DBA, Project Manager, and Customer.

Each role has three key pieces of "mandated transparency", meaning if you have a role, depending on the scenario being run, you can say anything about what your role is but if you are asked a question where the answer is your piece of transparency, you have to say it. If your piece of transparency also indicates that you are the guilty party, you likewise have to say it.

The goal is to have the Crime Scene Investigation team question the people with their roles and see if they can ferret out the problem and the reason why it caused the problem.

All in the name of truth, justice, and the releasable way.

Bill and I enjoyed talking about this over the past few months leading up to this so it was fun to finally, FINALLY get to present it. On the whole, it seems like a lot of people enjoyed it and it also seems like the game has legs, so it's entirely possible we may expand on this and lmae ita little more concrete for a future conference :).

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