Wednesday, October 16, 2019

A Show of Hands - a #PNSQC2019 Live Blog

Today is the workshop day at PNSQC. I'm the moderator for Melissa Tondi's workshop on "Efficient Testing". As the workshops are an add on and paid for by the attendees, out of respect for that I do not live blog workshop goings-on; If you want to take part, come out and sign up to be a part of it ;).

Instead, I' like to talk a little bit about what I think really makes PNSQC unique, and that is its emphasis on working with volunteers.

  • If you submitted a paper and you received feedback, that person providing feedback is a volunteer.
  • If you interact with the web site, those updates are done by volunteers.
  • The registration, room monitoring, moderating of tracks, etc. are done by volunteers.

In short, this conference has so many opportunities to volunteer and participate. Many of the opportunities available will get a person a free ticket to the conference. Volunteering for workshops also gives a person the opportunity to participate in that workshop for free. While there is no guarantee that a person will be able to moderate or facilitate the specific workshop they want to participate in, odds are still pretty good that if you show interest early, you can moderate your first choice.

The bottom line here is that the conference is an excellent one, IMO, and the volunteers go a long way in helping foster that experience. 

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