Monday, October 14, 2019

Surviving The AI Testing Apocalypse - a #PNSQC2019 Live Blog

Here's an interesting thought.

Let's say we are building a road. We come up to an anthill. What do we do? the answer is pretty simple. We run through or remove the anthill.

Now let's rephrase that... what if we develop AI that goes to a point of surpassing human civilizations barriers. What if we set AI on a goal that we get in the way of. Will AI look at us as little more than an anthill?

Unsettling? Maybe. Accurate? Remain to be seen, but again, maybe.

Now do understand, I have not cut my throat yet or anything. I have children and I want to see them grow up and thrive so I have a vested interest in a future for humanity. Yet I would be lying if I didn't say that I look at machine learning and AI development with both a sense of trepidation but also a sense of excitement and wonder.

Now let's step back a bit and let's talk about AI as it relates to software testing. Will AI and ML devastate software testing? It's possible but at what level? Do we believe that it can replace human creativity? Could a computer AI figure out how to write a coherent symphony? It can make some straightforward musical progressions now. Are they terribly exciting or unique? No, but they do follow the fundamental rules of music theory and to many ears, there's not really a difference. The AI mak serviceable and competent music. I'll reserve my comments about how creative or unique the music created is. Then again, I could say the same about most of the music humans are creating at the moment, including me.

We can certainly see AI/ML interacting with video games and improving/learning how to play a game. It's interesting to view in real-time.

This is all a premise and y thoughts on Dionny Santiago's talk about "Surviving the AI Testing Apocalypse". Bold statements but let's look at a few words.

Apocalypse is a much-maligned word. It sounds automatically like it is a calamity. However, Apocalypse comes from the Greek word "apokalupsis", which means "to uncover". Thus, do I think that we face an uncovering of AI and interacting with it? Yes, I absolutely do. BTW, it also means "to reveal" which is where the word "Revelation" comes from. I feel bad for Greek, it's getting a bad rap. Why does Apocalypse get the bad press while Revelation is so much more hopeful (Eschatological meanings not being included here).

AI is here. It's real. It's happening now. It will keep happening. It's important and we are benefitting from it. However, I do not believe we are facing anything like The Matrix or The Singularity. I likewise also believe that human invention and creativity will win out in the end. That doesn't necessarily mean that *I* will win out. I may may well be a casualty. Nevertheless, what a time to be alive :).

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