Sunday, October 13, 2019

En Route to Portland - a #PNSQC2019 "Live Blog"

It's been a while since I've done this.

As I sit in San Francisco International Airport, I am laughing at the change this year has brought about. One o the more interesting ones is just how many times I actually come and go from this airport every day, albeit for different reasons than most. My daughter started working or SFO during the summer. Should you fly on Scandinavian Air or  Air New Zealand, you might get to interact with her :). However, it's because I'm flying out today that I'm seating and gearing up the little blog engine that hopes to.

Yes, it's time for the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, one of my officially most attended and participated in conferences. I will be giving a talk on Monday morning called "Is This Testable? A Personal Journey to Learn How to Ask Better Questions From My Applications and Engineering Team". It's all about my adventures in Testability Land. What, you expected an Accessibility talk ;)? I can't say I blame you as that's been my go-to advocacy for the past five years but this year I decided to try something a little different. This time I'm going to share the details of my experiences with looking at Testability and what I learned from that process. If you are attending PNSQC and want to check it out, here's the details and a link to my paper:

Also, tomorrow at Lunch, Bill Opsal and I will be playing a little game with those who want to attend called "The Release Day Crime Scene":

Join Michael Larsen and Bill Opsal for a game of sleuthing. It is release day and a crime against code and customers has been committed. Can we help identify who done it? Take part in this interactive panel and discuss ways to identify and examine clues, build a case with evidence and make the streets safe for functions and methods.

All in the name of truth, justice, and the releasable way.

So, yeah, if you are at the conference, I look forward to seeing and talking with you. With that, it looks like it's time to check-in and get ready to board. Next stop, Portland :).

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