Monday, October 14, 2019

Is This Testable? - my talk at #PNSQC2019

All right, one down! My talk, I think, went well.

My huge thanks to Jennie Bramble (@jenniedoesthings) for live-tweeting basically my entire talk. Thus, I'm going to capture for posterity her stream of consciousness and again offer my enthusiastic gratitude :).

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It's time for Is This Testable? A Personal Journey to Learn How to Ask Better Questions From My Applications and Engineering Team with @mkltesthead at @PNSQC #PNSQC2019 
Also, I'm taking selfies with his phone. :D @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 

mentions I like playing dress up in many forms. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions It's a voyage of discovery! @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions The @ministryoftest 30 Days of Testability just got a shout out by @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions Testability involves a few things: communication, involvement, and a willingness to look at a product objectively. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions A hypothesis is testable if there is some real possibility of deciding wether it is true or false based on real experience. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions What is light? What is dark? We don't really know, so we can't really test it. But if we use actual numbers for light and dark, then we can test if they are too close. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions "Generally speaking, math is pretty consistent. We'll leave string theory out of this." @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions You can't automate a subjective feeling. You can automate objective things. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions Get familiar with your log files! Welcome to your first flash of the blindingly obvious. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions We can all agree this is generally how cars work. Tesla owners, don't get at me. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions We have to look at the things that plug into our application--each component has log files that I need to keep track of. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions The takeaway I want to encourage is to champion unified log files wherever you can. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions How many of you have a good relationship with your sales engineers or customer support engineers? Only a few? Okay, homework: go home, find one, buy them a drink, and learn about their pain points. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions If you can collaborate with someone like a sales engineer for CSR, they can help you have the best test environment available.@mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions Being able to plug in feature analytics will let you know how people are adopting your features. What features are they actually using? @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions We can guess, but real data is much better. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions Automat-able does not necessarily mean testable. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 

mentions Second piece of homework: everyone go look up @eviltester and follow him. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions "How am I going to test this?" If you don't ask this for every feature, you will regret it. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions "What are situations I can throw at this problem that go beyond the status quo?" @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions I'm a reenactor and a cosplay nerd--I love persona testing! @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions Conduct regular show and tell--show people what you've been working on! @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions Pair with your developers. Work on tests together! @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions Identify your dependencies. Your application is not just your application--it is only as testable as he most remote dependency you have to interact with. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019 
mentions Heat seeking: check your source code and find where you're making frequent changes. @mkltesthead #PNSQC2019  

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